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Review: SLASH/BACK, Four Teenage Girls vs. Aliens

Tasiana Shirley, Alexis Vincent-Wolfe, Nalajoss Ellsworth and Chelsea Prusky star in a film directed by Nyla Innuksuk that explains why teenage girls rule the world.

SLASH/BACK: RLJE Films Acquires Indigenous Canadian Alien Invasion Flick

RLJE Films have acquired Nyla Innuksuk’s Slash/Back, the indigenous Canadian alien invasion flick, and will release it in cinemas later this year. It will also be available on VOD/Digital and stream on Shudder at that time.    Okay, this is...

SXSW 2022 Review: SLASH/BACK, Aliens Attack In Nunavut, Four Kick-Ass Girls Take Them On

Cinema is a window, not a mirror. I find myself repeating this mantra a lot lately, as some aging corners of cinema culture become more and more myopic, complaining about lack of representation for over represented groups or so-called force...