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Notes on Streaming: MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND Unsettles With Disturbing, Quiet Force

Plus: 'Gentleman Jack' and 'Cobra Kai' meet expectations.

Fantasia 2017: Ana Asensio on MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND

On of the more intimate films that screened at Fantasia 2017 was Most Beautiful Island directed by Ana Asensio, who also wrote, produced, and starred in the film. It was a hit at SXSW and several other festivals before it finally screened...

Boston Underground 2017 Final Wave: A DARK SONG, FRAUD, A LIFE IN WAVES, MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND & More

Boston Underground 2017 released their final demented wave yesterday, and the delights are many --- rejoice, weirdos! We'll have death insurance dealers, music pioneers, Hollywood dog groomers, undocumented immigrants, Irish charlans, American con artists, and of course, an array of...