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Review: COME TO DADDY, Escalating Mayhem in Outlandish Father-Son Story

It is a joy to watch Elijah Wood give such a game performance in director Ant Timpson's outlandish father-son story.

COME TO DADDY Trailer: Elijah Wood Learns That Father Does Not Know Best

Elijah Wood goes to New Zealand in search of his father. In Ant Timpson's deceptively deranged Come to Daddy, the son discovers something quite different than what he has long yearned to enjoy. Here's the official synopsis: "Norval Greenwood, a...

Fantasia 2019 Review: COME TO DADDY Delights in Putting Elijah Wood Through The Ringer

I am drawn to father-son stories like a moth to flame. The difficult communication barriers, awkward processing of emotion. The silence and the rage. In the movies, these stories often culminate in the father expressing a deep pride or love...