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70s Rewind: WHITE LINE FEVER Smashes Expectations

Jan-Michael Vincent and Kay Lenz star in director Jonathan Kaplan's modern Western, with trucks standing in for horses, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

70s Rewind: THE MECHANIC, Terse Buddy Assassins

I pity anyone who saw Jason Statham's The Mechanic without having first seen Charles Bronson's The Mechanic. Because you didn't even get half the story. And the story's not even the point! In my review of the 2011 version, I...

70s Rewind: VIGILANTE FORCE, Brotherly Love and Action Galore

As we edge into a world where Hollywood blockbusters threaten to consume every weekend in every theater in every country throughout the world, it's a relief to sit back, relax, and watch Vigilante Force (1976), which is far more entertaining...