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Review: In HOW TO BUILD A GIRL, Beanie Feldstein Shines

Gemma Arterton, Michael Sheen, and Emma Thompson also star in director Coky Giedroyc's lively comedy, inspired by a true story.

AnarchyVision: Jason Gorber Talks HOBBIT, MR. BANKS, and Peter O'Toole

Today marks the loss of one of the greatest actors in Hollywood history, who rocketed to fame in one of the finest films ever made. O'Toole's Lawrence may tower over his other films, but with seven other Oscar noms and...

Review: SAVING MR. BANKS Banks on "Mary Poppins" Goodwill

When observing the familiar corporate synergy just under the surface of Saving Mr. Banks, one might be inclined to judge it as something quite atrocious. But, while that is indubitably not the proper verdict, this "true history" of Walt Disney's late-in-life...