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70s Rewind: THE HOT ROCK, Robert Redford, When He Was Still an Actor

Robert Redford and George Segal star in Peter Yates' adaptation of Donald E. Westlake's lightly comic crime craper, scripted by William Goldman.

70s Rewind: BANK SHOT, George C. Scott in a Broad Comedy Caper

The very idea of George C. Scott starring in a broad comedy caper during his glory years in the early 1970s is startling. Scott himself recalled in 1982: "People still think of me as a heavy actor, but I grew...

70s Rewind: THE OUTFIT Showcases the Real Parker

In Parker, which opens wide on Friday, January 25, Jason Statham will be the latest in a long line of actors to play a professional criminal originally created by Donald E. Westlake in 1962. Westlake, aged 27 or 28, had...