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Cannes 2021 Review: BLOODY ORANGES Turns Savage in Cynical Satire

New French Burlesque meets Grand Guignol in Jean-Christophe Meurisse's latest comedy that mixes quirky and perverted.

Cannes 2021 Review: In MEDUSA, Young-Adult Dystopia Becomes Bubble-Gum Satire

Brazilian filmmaker Anita Rocha de Silveira confirms her status as a rising talent with her genre-bending sophomore feature.

Cannes 2021: INHERENT Trailer Hints at Sinister Secrets

The Danes are on fire, and we’re not just talking about the national soccer team’s success! While not vying for the Short Film Palme d’Or like Casper Rudolf’s In the Soil, Nicolai G.H. Johansen’s Inherent is the second Danish genre...

Cannes 2021 Review: ANNETTE, Strangeness and Familiarity Waltz Hand in Hand

Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard star in a doomed-love rock opera by Léos Carax.

Cannes 2021 Exclusive: IN THE SOIL Trailer Premiere

ScreenAnarchy is proud to premiere the exquisitely foreboding trailer of In the Soil, one of two Danish genre shorts set to make a chilling debut in Cannes. Casper Rudolf’s Short Film Palme d'Or contender depicts a horrifying tragedy taking shape...