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Berlinale 2024 Review: THE EMPIRE Merges Cosmic Conflicts with Rural Quirks

Bruno Dumont's latest work is not just another 'Star Wars' parody.

Review: FRANCE Finds Faith in a Celeb News Personality

Léa Seydoux stars in director Bruno Dumont's new film, opening in theaters and virtual cinemas.

Review: Bruno Dumont's JOAN OF ARC, An Experiment in Austerity

On an intellectual level, I understand what Dumont, the famed contemporary auteur of French cinema, is doing with 'Joan of Arc.'

Locarno 2018: Bruno Dumont's LI'L QUINQUIN Season 2, COINCOIN AND THE EXTRA HUMANS, to Debut at Swiss Festival

Watch the trailer for Bruno Dumont's sequel miniseries.

Review: With JEANNETTE: THE CHILDHOOD OF JOAN OF ARC, Bruno Dumont Charts Yet Another Territory

Jeannette is a real gamble of a film. In theory, with everything Dumont is striving for, spiritually and artistically, it should satisfy fans of his work. But intellectually understanding what he is up to and enjoying the actual piece are two different things.


"I think you can really express deep thoughts and feelings in comedies. You can go really profound in ways you can't do in dramas. Funny is deep, rich and surprising. What counts is to surprise the viewer."

Lima Film Festival 2014: Wrap-Up And Winners

After nine days, with over 300 films being screened and various other activities, the Lima Film Festival ended its 18th birthday in style, with a grand ceremony held at the city's National Theatre.The night kicked off with a Lifetime Achievement...

Review: CAMILLE CLAUDEL 1915, Austere Examination of Woman Under The Influence And Faith

With each new film, a controversial French filmmaker Bruno Dumont continues to fascinate me. His fixation with purity is quite unflinching, and his characters suffer for (or for the lack of) it. Camille Claudel 1915, an even more characteristically stripped-down,...