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Oak Cliff 2019 Review: SATANIC PANIC, A Messy Black Mass

When gullible 22-year-old virgin (trust me, all of those descriptors play an important part in the film) Sam (Hayley Griffith) takes on a gig delivering pizzas to make ends meet, she quickly discovers that it's not going to be as...

Oak Cliff 2019 Review: DANIEL ISN'T REAL, But He'll F@#! You Up Just The Same

Traumatized as a child after witnessing a horrific crime, a young Luke starts interacting with a new imaginary friend named Daniel. At first Daniel seems like a harmless coping mechanism meant to shield Luke from the memories of the bloody...

Oak Cliff 2019 Review: GREENER GRASS Satirizes Suburban Envy With Absurd Glee

Imagine what hell might be spawned if David Lynch and Martha Stewart had a baby that they then gave to John Waters to raise, and you might be somewhere in the neighborhood of the genius that is Dawn Luebbe &...

Oak Cliff Film Festival Drops 2019 Lineup Including GREENER GRASS, SATANIC PANIC, KNIVES AND SKIN And More

The Oak Cliff Film Festival, the southwest's most indiosyncratic smorgasbord of arthouse mania, is back in 2019 with another killer lineup of the best off-kilter films of the year. In this, it's eighth year, OCFF continues to brings big festival...

Oak Cliff 2018 Review: I AM NOT A WITCH, A Superb Film From A Prodigious New Talent

A young girl, unremarkable in any way, is walking down a path in rural Zambia. Suddenly, a woman walking ahead of her carrying a large bucket or water falls to the ground, losing her load. As the fallen woman looks...

Oak Cliff 2018 Review: VIRUS TROPICAL Explores The Life Of One Young Girl Searching For Her Grand Adventure

From first time feature director Santiago Caicedo, Virus Tropical is a wonderful look at the challenge of growing up through the eyes of a middle class girl from Quito in Ecuador. The film is a black and white animated feature...

Oak Cliff Film Festival 2018: NEVER GOIN' BACK Trailer, Augustine Frizzell's Tale of Girls Growin' Up Grimy

Director Augustine Firzzell's debut feature, Never Goin' Back is the exuberant story of two girls living day-to-day whose only aspiration is a trip to the beach. Unfortunately for them, they are broke and everyone they know is a total loser,...

Oak Cliff Film Festival 2018: Feature Film Lineup Announced! Live Scores, TIGERS, & BAD REPUTATION, Oh My!

The 7th annual edition of the Oak Cliff Film Festival has announced its lineup and the programming for this event continues to be some of the most adventurous and interesting of any film fests in the Southwest. Hosted at the...