THE A-FRAME: Calvin Reeder's Sci-Fi Horror-Comedy, Exclusive Poster Debut

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THE A-FRAME: Calvin Reeder's Sci-Fi Horror-Comedy, Exclusive Poster Debut

We're very excited that Calvin Reeder's sci-fi thriller The A-Frame, is set to debut at the Tribeca Film Festival next month. And we're just as excited to share the debut of the film's poster.

Reeder's feature film debut, The Oregonian, demanded attention in 2011, and his followup, The Rambler (2013), proved to be equally provocative. Here's the official synopsis for The A-Frame:

"In this mind-bending sci-fi horror-comedy, a quantum physicist's groundbreaking machine inadvertently opens a portal to a subatomic universe while attempting to prove its efficacy. During his experiments on rats, he stumbles upon a radical cancer treatment that could revolutionize modern medicine. Driven by ambition and the desire to legitimize his work, the physicist begins human trials, raising the stakes and blurring the lines between science and ethics."

Calvin Reeder wrote and directed. The cast is led by Johnny Whitworth (Empire Records), Nik Dodani (Dear Evan Hansen), Dana Namerode (What Josiah Saw), and Phillip Andre Botello (The Art of Self-Defense).

Aframe Tribeca Laurels_860.jpg

The film world premieres at Tribeca Film Festival on June 7 as part of the Midnight section. Behold the poster above. Then cast your eyes to the gallery below for three photos from the film.

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