MONKEY MAN Trailer 2: The Action Film of The Year Contender is Coming Soon

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MONKEY MAN Trailer 2: The Action Film of The Year Contender is Coming Soon
It's only March and we may already be witness to the action film of the year, Dev Patel's Monkey Man. The second trailer came out earlier today. If you haven't caught up yet, thank your lucky stars that we're here to remind you of it. 
Our own Josh caught Monkey Man at SXSW. Fitting, seeing as Josh, more than anyone here in the SA family, would understand how incindiary it's political and sociological messages would be in India, if it ever found its way there. Themes like those would have likely flown over this colonizer's head. 
Find his full review here. The trailer is below the final paragraph of Josh's review. 
It’s very clear that Patel poured everything he has into this film, his blood sweat and tears paint every frame, and if this is him on screen, the world is going to want more stat. Monkey Man is a provocative film that is sure to ruffle feathers if it somehow manages to make landfall in India, but for those of us in other parts of the world, this is some John Wick level shit that you’re not going to want to miss. A calling card for an action connoisseur turned auteur, Monkey Man will be an action yardstick for years to come. It’s rare that a film goes so hard in both its ideology and action execution, and if that turns out to be Patel’s hallmark, we would be lucky to get a career full of brain smashers like Monkey Man. See this movie with a crowd, you’ll thank me later.
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