Neuchâtel 2022 Daily: SISSY Plus More Promising Films

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We're at the halfway point in our coverage of the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival in Switzerland, which means we catch our collective breath and take a look around at all the gorgeous scenery that surrounds us.

By which I mean, since I am moored in hot hot Texas right now, and can only gaze upon the very cool films remotely -- through the kindness of Bastien Bento, Head of Press, and Léa Eigenmann, Press Coordinator -- allow me to tell you of the titles that I would love to see in the future, perhaps at a festive occasion closer to my home.

Gaze upon the gallery below, where you can click at your leisure and dream a little dream with me. Watch the included videos, as well. Let's begin with a film that one of our writers has already seen and written about.

J Hurtado contributed to this story.

Screens tonight at 22:00 and again on Friday night at 22:00. Visit the official festival page to learn more.

Directed by Hannah Barlow and Kane Senes, this "influencer slasher" comedy comes from Australia. Our trustworthy editor J Hurtado saw the film at SXSW earlier this year and reported thusly in his review:

"The advent of social media magnified a problem that really always existed but was easy enough to avoid, perception versus reality. Sissy uses that dichotomy as a jumping off point for a more intimate investigation of the outward versus the inward self, and just how much we can change from our inherent natures. It’s a delicate balance, and one that someone like Cecelia has trouble finding. …

"Sissy is one of my favorite films of the Midnighters selection this year."

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