Neuchâtel 2022 Daily: Dario Argento and DARK GLASSES, Ali Abbasi and HOLY SPIDER, Lorenz Merz and SOUL OF A BEAST

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The back half of any festival can turn up some unexpected gems, as I'm sure attendees of the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival in Switzerland will discover today through Saturday, when the festive occasion wraps up.

Allow me first, please, to mention that you can keep tabs on all our coverage of this year's festival by clicking this handy link. Today will see repeat screenings of various films that we've already reviewed -- such as Taiwanee puppet adventure Demigod: The Legend Begins, Japanese kaiju adventure Shin Ultraman and Filipino zombie thriller Day Zero -- or covered in our daily reports.

Retrospective screenings of Jack Clayton's black and white The Innocents, Gus Van Sant's colorful Psycho and Joel Schumacher's The Lost Boys will also reward the faithful, as will special (separate) conversations with authors Mariana Enriquez and Joyce Carol Oates. In our daily gallery, let's look at three films of special interest to readers of this site, including one that we've already seen.

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Occhiali neri
Screens tonight at 0:15. Visit the official festival page to learn more.

Attention must be paid! Dario Argento has made a new film (aka Dark Glasses), one that is described as an "upbeat bloody thriller," though I assume the festival could have left out the "bloody" in that description, since this is Dario Argento and OF COURSE IT'S GOING TO BE BLOODY!!!

The official synopsis: "When a solar eclipse plunges Rome into darkness, a serial killer starts spreading terror in the streets of the capital city. Luxury escort girl Diana barely escapes with her life, but she becomes blind.

"With the help of a young Chinese man who was also traumatized by his encounter with the killer, she will try to unmask the culprit… Ten years after his last film (Dracula 3D), the maestro Dario Argento makes his come-back to the giallo genre and reconnects with the chilling terror of his early years."

We live in hope. Watch the trailer below.

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