THE OVERNIGHT Exclusive Clip

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THE OVERNIGHT Exclusive Clip
After a romantic weekend gets sidetracked, a young couple find themselves at an outdated hotel, caught up in murderous death-loops, and as bait for a demon.
Vertical Entertainment is releasing The Overnight, a horror flick from directors Bobby Francavillo and Kevin Rhoades, in theaters this Friday. We have an exclusive clip to share with you today. You will find it and the trailer down below.
The Overnight stars starring Zebedee Row (Vinyl, Ghost in the Graveyard), Rajeev Varma (Brown Nation, Xena: Warrior Princess), Brittany Clark (The Purge, Indiscretion), James Lorinz (RoboCop 3, The Irishman), and Mathilde Dehaye (Servant).
Interesting tidbit here. The screenplay was written by Mel Hagopian; she wrote the adaptation of Ronal the Barbarian. Yes, that crude animated fantasy comedy from Denmark back in 2011. Francavillo was also a producer on that film. 
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