ONCE UPON A TIME IN UGANDA Exclusive: Trailer And Poster Premiere For The Best of da Best Documentary

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ONCE UPON A TIME IN UGANDA Exclusive: Trailer And Poster Premiere For The Best of da Best Documentary
Once Upon a Time in Uganda is set in the slums of Uganda, where two men from opposite sides of the world come together over a shared love for America’s greatest hero: Chuck Norris. Isaac, a former brick maker in Uganda, decides to pick up a camera and start shooting his own ‘80s inspired action epics, and Alan, a film nerd from New York gives up his life in America to join forces with Isaac after seeing a trailer for one of his films online. Against all odds, the two unlikely friends have catapulted Wakaliwood to worldwide stardom with their own gonzo action movies bringing joy to millions of people across the internet. 
A good barometer for friendship within your film circles is if your friends like the films of Nabwana Isaac Godfrey Geoffrey (IGG) and his team at Wakaliwood in Uganda. If you cannot find pure joy in watching any of the Wakaliwood films, appreciate them for their can do spirit, we can do nothing for you except point you towards the corner of the room to think about what you've done. 
Action filmmaking in its purest form, the films from Wakaliwood have delighted genre fans all around the world over the years and Cathryne Czubek's documentary, Once Upon a Time in Uganda, takes a closer look at this filmmaking community and the leader of the movement, Nabwana IGG. 
We are thrilled to have your exclusive first look at the trailer and poster for her documentary. Here is the poster and you can find the trailer below. Enjoy!
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Once Upon a Time in Uganda is a captivating underdog story, where truth is wilder than fiction.
After the cancellation of the SXSW screening due to COVID-19, the film will premiere at DOC NYC later this month. Blue Finch Films will begin worldwide sales at the AFM. 
The film was directed by Cathryne Czubek. Hugo Perez co-directed. Cathryne Czubek and Amanda Hughes co-wrote. Gigi Dement, Cathryne Czubek, Matt Porwoll, Hugo Perez, and Kyaligamba Ark Martin produced.
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