ROT: Watch This Pilot For a Dutch Horror TV Show From The Director of THE WINDMILL

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ROT: Watch This Pilot For a Dutch Horror TV Show From The Director of THE WINDMILL
Check out this pilot for a possible horror tv series, Rot (Rotten), from Dutch filmmaker Nick Jongerius, director of the 2016 horror flick The Windmill. This just released on YouTube yesterday and Jongerius also sent us the trailer as well. Both can be found below. 
Daan still regularly has nightmares about his dead domineering father and bears the scars from his belt on his body. But shortly after the birth of his own son, Daan starts to literally see his father in ghostly apparitions surrounding a patch of mould on the wall in the baby’s room. Daan tries everything to remove the mould, but it keeps returning and growing – just like the manifestations of his dead father. As Daan’s paranoid behavior worsens and interferes with the care for his infant son, his relationship with his girlfriend Zoey starts to suffer. Daan realises he can no longer keep running away from his past and must finally confront his father.
So Rot (Rotten) has been selected to participate in the 3Lab Serie Contest. Jongerius explains below...
My new horror tv series idea was selected by the Dutch public young adult network (NPO3) for a series competition that stimulates young filmmakers. We were able to shoot a pilot, which was launched this Wednesday on YT.  Our pilot is in competition with 4 other projects and hopefully we will be the one that’s officially picked up. If we are not selected we are free to move forward in developing the series with another network, perhaps even internationally.
There you have it. Take a look at the pilot below. We wish Jongerius good luck in the competition. And if he doesn't win maybe someone out there reading this article will like what they see and consider backing the project themselves. 
Do the Dutch do 'fingers crossed'? Veel geluk, Nick!

ROT NPO 3Lab teaser from Pellicola on Vimeo.

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