Reminder: JAKOB'S WIFE Opening in Theaters, On Demand and Digital

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Reminder: JAKOB'S WIFE Opening in Theaters, On Demand and Digital

You ever get that shrinking feeling?

That's what Jakob's Wife, as embodied by the great Barbara Crampton in the titular role, experiences after many years of marriage to a small-town minister (Larry Fessenden). What she does in response to that feeling is the basis for the horror film, directed by Travis Stevens, which is opening tomorrow (Friday, April 16, 2021) in theaters, On Demand and Digital.

Less than a month ago, our own J Hurtado saw the film in connection with the SXSW Film Festival and filed his review, noting that it "explores the lengths to which a couple stuck in just such a rut will go to keep things together, and it gets more than a little messy." His review is well worth reading, even though his conclusion was that it remains a disappointment for him.

Of course, the legion of people who are dedicated fans of Barbara Crampton, Larry Fessenden, and Travis Stevens, including myself, will want to check Jakob's Wife out for themselves. Watch the trailer below.

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