Crowdfund This: More From Phil Mucci's Professor Dario Brava, The Occult Activity Book (and Spirit Board!)

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Crowdfund This: More From Phil Mucci's Professor Dario Brava, The Occult Activity Book (and Spirit Board!)
The universe of Doctor Dario Bava continues to grow. After a successful graphic novel campaign, that really rips if I say so myself, creator Phil Mucci has launced another crowdfunding campaign for a new project. Something the whole family can enjoy. A coloring book. 
A what? 
Introducing the PDB: Occult Activity Book (and Spirit Board!) a collection of 'coloring adventures' from the team that brought the graphic novel to life. 
Check out the gallery below for some cool samples thrown our way. First the b&w title page image is art and title by Lydia Roberts and the color cover is by Mike Dubisch. Then Mucci passed along three selections from the book. They're giving a PDF coloring preview to backers of the $25 tier and above. They can print out at home and start coloring right away while the campaign runs. 
There is “The Hard Way” by Roberts, “Italian Kung Fu” by Dubisch and “Knowledge Is Power” by Suspiria, a Spanish artist from here in Canada. 
You can follow along with the campaign here. Throw a few bucks at it if you can. I will buy a denim jacket just for the patch alone!
Now funding on Indiegogo, the return of Professor Dario Bava, paranormal playboy, in the book The Man doesn't want you to color! All new coloring adventures by the team that brought you the Professor's first graphic novel, Murder Vibes From The Monster Dimension, including over a dozen new pieces by Murder Vibes maestro Mike Dubisch. Written and designed by PDB creator Phil Mucci, Occult Activity Book (and Spirit Board!)* comes equipped with the official Professor Dario Bava Spirit Board, which can only be summoned by sacrificing the book itself. Because of course.
The campaign was designed to raise money for the PDB artists while Phil writes the next two books, a feature highlighted by the "Double or Nothing" stretch goal, in which every backer gets twice the books (so they can sacrifice one to summon the Spirit Board), and the artists get double their rates! An act of creative solidarity in theses challenging times that promises hours of pleasure at the Professor's paranormal coloring orgy**...
*Spirits not included.
**Orgy not included.

PDB: Occult Activity Book (and Spirit Board!) from Phil Mucci on Vimeo.

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