In THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL Trailer, Education Is A Fighting Word

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In THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL Trailer, Education Is A Fighting Word

And you thought your high-school experience was rough.

The protagonist in The God of High School, Jin Mori, loves to fight, which means he is in a decent position to survive his teen years in the upcoming anime series. Office verbiage describes it as ...

"An action-packed series that follows a high schooler and his friends as they compete in an epic tournament, borrowing power directly from the gods and uncovering a mysterious organization along the way... With the promise of their heart's deepest desires, motivating their tournament victory. "

Based on a comic created by Yongje Park and originally published by WEBTOON, the animation is produced by MAPPA and directed by Park Sunghoo. The series will premiere exclusively on Crunchyroll in July 2020.

Truthfully, I'm not a huge fan of fighting-tournament series -- I always feel bruised and beaten afterward, just watching from the comfort of my own home -- but this sub-genre is quite venerable. And, of course, some series prove to be more compelling than their particular sub-genre might suggest, such as The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me?, which took a turn into fascinating territory in its third and latest episode, exploring the disadvantages of not being born the eldest son in past eras. So I always want to be open to new experiences.

Check out the trailer below and be glad you survived -- or are currently surviving -- your high school days.

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