ALL OF US ARE DEAD: Korean Zombies Will Return to Life on Netflix

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ALL OF US ARE DEAD: Korean Zombies Will Return to Life on Netflix

Just when we thought it was safe to stay inside and avoid the coming zombie apocalypse, here comes Netflix with All of Us Are Dead, a new adaptation of Korean webtoon series Now At Our School.

Per Deadline, the series credits will include writer Chun Sung-il and directors Lee JQ and Kim Nam-su, the latter of whom produced period film Rampant (2018). Our own Pierce Conran reviewed that action-horror hybrid and was not a huge fan, writing in part:

"The frenetic but listlessly shot set pieces only serve to cement the films' problems but even then this could almost have gotten away with it as mildly diverting fare had it ended after its first climax, which presents a natural ending point, rather than resetting the gears and plodding on for another 25 minutes of toothless and tedious zombie skirmishes."

Netflix also is the streaming home for the historic Korean zombie series Kingdom, which had an epic trailer. Unfortunately, the series ultimately wore me down, with its endless CGI zombies running around and spilling blood, and I have not watched any of its second season, which debuted last month.

Back to All of Us Are Dead. The series will be "focused on a group of high school students who are faced with an extreme crisis situation when they become trapped in their school, while a zombie virus spreads like a wildfire." So, you've got the 'teenagers in trouble' angle, of which Netflix already has a plethora of titles, with the added zombie fixation to tide things over.

Things are only in the planning stages right now. Let's hope to see the fictional series before it becomes a reality show.

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