SPUTNIK: Fabulously Creepy Trailer For Egor Abramenko's SciFi Horror Delights

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SPUTNIK: Fabulously Creepy Trailer For Egor Abramenko's SciFi Horror Delights

Hands up, everyone who delights in the squirming unease delivered by Ridley Scott's iconic scifi horror Alien. That's pretty much all of us, yeah? And while I hesitate to make assumptions I'm quite certain that Russian director Egor Abramenko's hand would be up as high as anyone else's right now because while his debut feature, Sputnik, carves out its own unique space that sense of unease is so very familiar.

Long time readers here may very well recall Abramenko's name as we've been following his work here since he was still in film school as we waited for him to take the step up to features. He's been content to take his time and hone his craft both as a commercials director and doing second unit work for Russian mega-director Feodor Bondarchuk and it would appear that time has been very well spent.

Bondarchuk himself serves as a producer on Sputnik, while also playing a key role alongside Lilja 4-ever's Oksana Akinshina and The Darkest Hour's Petr Fyodorov. The story revolves around a young doctor called in by the military to evaluate a cosmonaut returned from a mission under unusual circumstances ... and let's just say he didn't exactly return alone. The trailer will make that bit a whole lot more clear.

There are no subtitles on this but you really don't need them. The mood and tone are absolutely fantastic and we're just dying to see more. Check it out below!

[Full disclosure: Yep, I'm a partner at XYZ Films. And, yep, XYZ just recently expanded in to director representation with the launch of our management division. And, yep, Abramenko was part of the initial roster. If you're asking yourself whether this film has anything to do with XYZ signing Abramenko up for representation the answer is a resounding FUCK YES.]

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