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Jo Koy and Myndy Crist shine in new "traumedy" WAKE.

Ryan Davis
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Jo Koy and Myndy Crist shine in new "traumedy" WAKE.

Molly Harrison (Myndy Crist) is not exactly a “regular” mom. And that’s not just because she’s a mortician. She hasn’t left the house since her husband Peter (Jo Koy) died three years ago of a freak accident on her birthday. Now, on Molly’s fortieth birthday, her daughter Sam and mother, Ivy, present her with tickets to Moscow, hoping a trip just might finally be the thing to help get her out of the house. But the tickets come with a catch–a gag gift of a life-sized doll named Pedro.

Pedro quickly goes from funny to fantastical, confounding Molly’s attempts to go outside, straining her ties with her family, and threatening her budding relationship with a kind but lonely documentary filmmaker named Joe.

WAKE. recently racked up a bunch of awards at the Riverside International Film Festival (including Best Feature Film, Best Actor (Myndy Crist), Best Supporting Actor (Caroline Lagerfelt), and Directors Choice Award), as well as The Directors Choice - Independent Spirit Award at the Sedona Film Festival. 

WAKE., directed by Cyrus Mirakhor, will be available to stream on iTunes and all major platforms beginning October 8th. 


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