Friday One Sheet: DIVINE LOVE and Neon Iconography

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Friday One Sheet: DIVINE LOVE and Neon Iconography

This column's obsession with neon continues with the key art for Brazilian drama and Sundance entry, Divino Amor. The design feels like those ubiquitous paperback novels of the 1980s, dealing more in iconography than 'description.' Even the tagline here, "True Love Shares." is left to the imagination. This is a somewhat radical departure for Mexican designer Dan Petris who usualy favours close-ups or stylized renditions of faces (see his work in such varied films as Bang Gang, Birds of Passage, A Fantastic Woman and Leona).

Now one could go to the IMDb, and find out that it is a movie about, "a deeply religious woman uses her position in a notary's office to try to prevent couples from divorcing." But it is better to bask in the candy coloured mystery of the films poster. 

On a side note, look at all those production company logos in miniature at the bottom of the poster. It takes a lot of funding bodies to make a movie these days, but I would expect the Hollywood remake of Divine Love to appear sooner rather than later, and set in Las Vegas. Doesn't that dove and sun logo look like something out of a Nevada roadside love chapel?


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