Gallery: Behind The Scenes of Cult Fave DAVE MADE A MAZE, In Japanese Cinemas This Friday

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On the tail of a successful festival run, US home video release, and an upcoming home video release through Arrow Films in the UK, director Bill Watterson's incredible cult oddity Dave Made a Maze has scored a theatrical release in Japan beginning this Friday, October 19th. 

When Dave (Nick Thune), a bored homebody who decided to build a complex maze out of cardboard boxes in his living room gets lost, it's up to his girlfriend, Annie (Meera Rohit Kumbhani) and their friends to save him from his own insane/ingenious creation. Dave Made a Maze is a marvel not only of pure creative spirit, but also a hugely impressive feat of art direction and production design. 

Building a complex labyrinth out of cardboard boxes and other easily accessible items from around the house is no easy feat, and the makers of the film have happily shared some of their planning materials with us to give Screen Anarchy readers a look behind the scenes of this amazingly fun "little" movie with a huge heart.

The director sent us some fascinating production notes (beware, spoilers ahead, but if you're in the US, the film is streaming on Hulu as we speak) and images and we've gathered some of the most interesting parts into a neat gallery below, so be sure to click through all of the pages for some fun images and details. The first slide is a video made to announce the Japanese release featuring Bill Watterson and one of the stars of the film. Enjoy!

(all text in the gallery below by director, Bill Watterson)

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