Behold The Madness Of Velasco Broca's AUTONOMOUS GODS

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Behold The Madness Of Velasco Broca's AUTONOMOUS GODS

Long time readers of this site will need no introduction to the cinematic oddity that is Spanish director Velasco Broca. We've been following the oddball experimentalist in these pages for over a decade now, initially drawn in by his blend of mystically inspired experimentalism - imagine Jodorowsky with, if you will, even more drugs - fused with classic 50's drive-in science fiction. That particular phace of his career arguably peaked with the Cannes selection of his 2006 short film Avant Petalos Grillados but that doesn't mean Velasco Broca has stopped. Oh, no. And we are beyond pleased to present the world premiere of his new collaboration with audivisual collective Canódromo Abandonado in the short film series Autonomous Gods.

In an underwater cathedral, a grumpy priest explains a series of esoteric truths to a an altar boy: where do the cosmos and the Spanish regions come from? What is love? Where do the gods end up when we stop believing in them? Through his teachings, we find out about the world of the regional gods and get caught up in their fear, anger and sadness.

This new series run six episodes in all and you can find the first slice below!

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