Velasco Broca's AUTONOMOUS GODS Visits The God Zoo

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Velasco Broca's AUTONOMOUS GODS Visits The God Zoo

We here at Screen Anarchy are proud to be hosting the world premiere of Spanish madman Velasco Broca's new short film series Autonomous Gods - a collaboration with audiovisual collective Canódromo Abandonado - and today we move on to episode two: The God Zoo.

In an underwater cathedral, a grumpy priest explains a series of esoteric truths to a an altar boy: where do the cosmos and the Spanish regions come from? What is love? Where do the gods end up when we stop believing in them? Through his teachings, we find out about the world of the regional gods and get caught up in their fear, anger and sadness.

Ever wonder what happens to a civilization's gods when that civilization dies out? It goes to the zoo! There are lots of them! You can visit the zoo yourself below.

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