Friday One Sheet: THE SPY WHO DUMPED ME and the Vintage Travel Poster

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Friday One Sheet: THE SPY WHO DUMPED ME and the Vintage Travel Poster

Perhaps another Hollywood parody of the Super Spy genre is not the cup of tea of the regular Screen Anarchy readership. In this column, however, we look at the styling and quality of the key art, not necessarily of the quality of the film itself. And the not entirely orthodox campaign for Susanna Fogel's The Spy Who Dumped Me, has seen a number of interestingly shaded, hand drawn posters, the most eye-catching of which is from illustrator Allison Reimold for design firm LA Associates, which (mostly) mimics a vintage travel poster from the early to mid twentieth century.

Only a few more guns are added.

A canted low angle, high emphasis on Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon's hair and jawlines, are the focus, here And yet the details in the architecture (along with the 'tiny' eponymous spy in the window), and the DMPD license plate all make for a handsome bit of stand out marketing that drops the standard credit block for a well placed, bolded typeface that completes the 'vintage travel poster' look, with no compromises.


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