THE PREY: The Hunt is on in First Teaser Trailer

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THE PREY: The Hunt is on in First Teaser Trailer
Well. This is a nice surprise to wake up to. The first teaser trailer for Jimmy Henderson's (Jailbreak) new action flick The Prey has just been released. Let us not waste time and get to the hunt below. 
After years of tracking down international criminals, a trip to a remote jungle prison will force Chinese cop Xin to become human prey to fight for his freedom — and to save his own life.
Undercover Chinese cop Xin is on a secret international mission when a surprise raid puts him in a remote jungle prison that plays by its own rules.Here, the visitors are wealthy thrill seekers. The guards are hostile puppet masters. And the prisoners are simply pawns in a high stakes game of human hunting human.
It started as just another bad day for the do-gooder cop. That day gets a whole lot worse when the diabolical Warden singles Xin out for death at the hands of affluent hunters looking for the world’s ultimate kill. After years of hunting down ruthless criminals, Xin suddenly finds himself running for his life.
If Xin manages to survive this sadistic game, he’ll walk out of the jungle the same way he came in: as a freeman. If Xin fails, he’s dead meat... and just another hunting trophy.
So The Prey is the epilogue of Hard Target stretched into feature length? The Prey is Turkey Shoot but without a werewolf? The Prey is a Cambodian version of the 1924 short story and its 1932 film adaptation by the same name, The Most Dangerous Game?
It can be all of these things and more by the looks of this teaser. Sign us up! 
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