TOMB RAIDER Poster? Not So Great. TOMB RAIDER Trailer? Hot Damn.

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TOMB RAIDER Poster? Not So Great. TOMB RAIDER Trailer? Hot Damn.

Like many out there we were, shall we say, a bit skeptical when the news first came of an impending Tomb Raider big screen reboot. We've been there and done that, after all, and it's not like the first cracks at it were particularly great. But when word came that the reboot would be the English language debut of Norwegian helmer Roar Uthaug (Cold Prey, The Wave) well ... let's just say we perked up. A LOT.

Uthaug has been a great favorite in these parts since his debut and really hasn't made a false step since. He's a commerically oriented director in all the right ways - an obvious believer in entertainment value and technically gifted enough to deliver spectacular spectacle - who also has a deep commitment to and grasp of character. And he has delivered a number of strong, empowered female leads in his Norwegian work. So that would be check, check and check. It would have been great if Tomb Raider had been given to a woman but if you were going to give it to a man then Uthaug would seem to be exactly the right sort of man to give it to.

And, yeah. With the first trailer now out, everything hoped for in a big budget, Uthaug directed, Alicia Vikander led version of Lara Croft is very much on display. Huge scale set pieces. Great visuals. Kinetic energy. And a grounded, believable take on the character that delivers a badass woman on her own terms with nary an ass or cleavage shot to be found. Pleased by the response to Wonder Woman and hopeful for what may be next in female led pop culture? Again, yes, it would be great if this had been directed by a woman but I will absolutely be in cinemas on opening weekend with my twelve year old daughter for this and I expect that we will both fucking love it.

Less said about the poster the better, though. It's, uh, not good.

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