Pretty Packaging: The French PSYCHO-PASS Boxset Passes As Psycho

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(...If you read or speak French, that is...)

In France, anime got a foothold far earlier than in most English-speaking countries. Even today, the market for buying DVDs and Blu-rays of Japanese animation is roughly estimated to be thirty times as big in France than it is in the United Kingdom, despite those two populations having almost the same size (around 66 million). On top of that, rights for using French subtitles are often cheaper than for English ones, as English subs unlock Australia and the US as well.

What this means is that France has a very healthy collectors' market. Many titles unavailable anywhere outside of Japan have France as the sole exception. And those titles which ARE internationally famous can count on having a blinged set available in France.

For an example, just look at what Kana Home Video did with the Psycho-Pass anime.
Now be warned. While the set is great and actually not bad value-wise, it is NOT English-friendly. No English dub and no English subs can be found on it. I bought it because it had been erroneously advertised as having Dutch subs (I'm Dutch...) so my discovery that this was French-and-Japanese-only was actually a nasty one.

(But it looks glorious, and has been severely limited to 1000 pieces... so I'll hold on to it as an investment, heh...)

I'm still putting up a gallery for it here as it may inspire people about what such a boxset can look like, and... well, we're a part Canadian site, so I expect there are plenty of French-speaking readers here, non? Click on the edge of the pictures to scroll through them, or at the centre of each to see a bigger version!

And here it is: a big box, sealed with magnetic lids.

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