Our Favorite Faces Of Marisa Tomei

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Our Favorite Faces Of Marisa Tomei
This weekend, Spider-Man: Homecoming swatted the opposition and spun itself a comfy web of box-office receipts. In it, we spot several of the Avengers, a new Vulture in Michael Keaton, and of course Marisa Tomei, seen above as the old and decrepit Aunt May we all know and... eh...

Those who paid attention during Captain America: Civil War already noticed that Spidey's Aunt May looked remarkably spry all of a sudden. It's one of the stranger changes the MCU has made to the franchise for sure, but hey: it's Marisa Tomei, so we're not complaining!

What is your favorite performance by Marisa Tomei? Was she funny, tragic, endearing, bitchy, or all of the above? Chime in, in the comments below...

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