MANDY: (Battle Axes + Demon Bikers + Nicolas Cage) x Panos Cosmatos = Take Our Money!

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MANDY: (Battle Axes + Demon Bikers + Nicolas Cage) x Panos Cosmatos = Take Our Money!
News from Deadline this morning is that Beyond the Black Rainbow's Panos Cosmatos will be giving to us a piece of cinematic (black) magic, maybe delivered by the gods, or demons, we do not really care as this point. 
Why? Cosmatos is currently in pre-production on a new film called Mandy. It will star Nicolas Cage in a story described as, "...heavy-metal-soaked story of battle axes and demon bikers". I have also seen elsewhere someone involved with the production say that when Cosmatos submitted the screenplay he said, "...imagine Nordic mythology by way of heavy metal van art".
Mandy is set in the primal wilderness of 1983 where Red Miller, a broken and haunted man hunts an unhinged religious sect who slaughtered the love of his life.
“Panos is one of the most vital young filmmakers alive, a pop-culture Kubrick in the making,” said Noah, SpectreVision’s Head of Development. “Nicolas Cage is a veritable god to those of us who grew up watching his classic performances. Bringing these two together for this surrealist, heavy-metal-soaked story of battle axes and demon bikers is unfathomably exciting to us.”
The film is being produced by the plucky lads SpectreVision (Cooties, The Boy, Greasy Strangler), the always reliable XYZ Films (The Raid, XX, Headshot) and UMedia (I Kill Giants). Also aboard the project is Oscar-nominated composer Jóhann Jóhannsson (Sicario, Arrival).
Just take our money already!
Mandy is currently in pre-production and will film in Belgium this Summer. XYZ Films is handling worldwide sales which leads to this... 
(ScreenAnarchy founder and editor Todd Brown is the Head of International Acquistions for XYZFilms. Other than looking his most metal with long hair back when we were in college he had no bearing on this article's publishing.) 
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