Exclusive Trailer: KUNG FU YOGA, Jackie Chan's Very Fun Indian Adventure

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Exclusive Trailer: KUNG FU YOGA, Jackie Chan's Very Fun Indian Adventure

"Master Chan still has a trick or two up his sleeve."

That's how I concluded my review of Jackie Chan's Kung Fu Yoga, which opened in theaters in January of this year. Chan plays an archaeology professor who heads to India to solve an ancient mystery about a missing treasure.

It's a light-hearted adventure that slowly builds up speed until it flows from one well-executed action sequence to the next. Those who are allergic to CGI may want to keep their distance -- the computer graphics flow fast and steady, and often quite silly -- but in the spirit of family fun, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

As I wrote: "There's also no denying that the movie establishes a relaxed, comic air that makes it easier to accept the goofiness of things. This is not a gritty, realistic picture; it's an adventure that's rooted in fantastical notions, so why not just go with it?" In the face of the last five months at the multiplex, awash in Hollywood blockbusters, Kung Fu Yoga offers a lovely breather.

Thus, we are pleased to debut an exclusive trailer for the U.S. release, which you can watch below.

The cast also includes Disha Patani, Amyra Dastur, Lay Zhang, Mu Qimiya, Aakif Rahman, and Sonu Sood. Chan's old comrade Stanley Tong wrote and directed.

Kung Fu Yoga is available to watch, starting today, on a variety of video on demand (VOD) platforms. It will be available on Blu-ray and DVD on August 8.

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