Jackie Chan's KUNG FU YOGA Trailer Promises A Return To Vintage, ARMOR OF GOD Style Adventure

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Jackie Chan's KUNG FU YOGA Trailer Promises A Return To Vintage, ARMOR OF GOD Style Adventure

The iconic Jackie Chan reteams with his Rumble In The Bronx director Stanley Tong for the upcomign Kung Fu Yoga and what does the reunion bring? It brings a high speed car chase with a lion. Note that that's not a high speed car chase against a lion or in pursuit of a lion but actually with a lion. It's a CGI lion, sure, but what could make a car chase more fun than sticking a lion inside the car?

Chinese archeology professor Jack (Jackie Chan) teams up with beautiful Indian professor Ashmita and assistant Kyra to locate lost Magadha treasure. In a Tibetan ice cave, they find the remains of the royal army that had vanished together with the treasure, only to be ambushed by Randall (Sonu Sood), the descendent of a rebel army leader. When they free themselves, their next stop is Dubai where a diamond from the ice cave is to be auctioned. After a series of double-crosses and revelations about their past, Jack and his team travel to a mountain temple in India, using the diamond as a key to unlock the real treasure.

With its globe hopping story and obvious sense of fun the obvious point of comparison here are Chan's previous Armor Of God films, an approach that's sure to please fans. The scale is huge, the action pieces likewise, and Chan is back to the sort of goofy slapstick stunt work that built his international reputation. Check out the first trailer below!

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ZetobeltNovember 7, 2016 9:51 AM


mercyNovember 7, 2016 9:57 AM

IMO: His last movie Skiptrace was a total boring disaster.

Theodore WirthNovember 7, 2016 5:52 PM

I will watch every Jackie Chan film until he or I dies first. There is always something amusing/amazing about every one of his films. IMO I love Jet Li and feel that he is more physically talented but also more formulaic and robotic. In summary, keep the HK film style alive and more Lam Suet.

Zero LastimosaNovember 7, 2016 7:01 PM

Actually watched it last night. Pretty disappointing.

Zero LastimosaNovember 7, 2016 7:02 PM

Jackie Chan and CGI are words I don't really want in the same description xD

Todd BrownNovember 8, 2016 11:26 AM

Fair enough but it's been the case for a good long while now. I'd have to do a bunch or re-watching to see when the last time he did something without (obvious) CG enhancement of the stunt sequences, but it's been a while. The man aint young any more!

DooK_MDNovember 8, 2016 7:02 PM

I've been saying this for myself for years and I'm going to say it again... Jackie should work more behind the scenes as director, producer and action director. If he wants to continue acting that's fine but he better evolve and take on roles that fit his age.

Zero LastimosaNovember 9, 2016 10:39 PM

As with all CG as long as it's implemented well and I'd hate for him to get seriously hurt doing something that might be out of his age rage. I watched Skip Trace recently and I liked an action set piece where he had to escape a house on stilts on the riverside domino-ing over. There was some obvious CG and set pieces I believe but I commend the concept. Later on in the film however, he and Knoxville zipline from one end of a mountain to another using some really bad CG and greenscreening. Can't win em all !