KUNG FU YOGA: Jackie Chan Meets The Villain - We Think - in This Clip

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KUNG FU YOGA: Jackie Chan Meets The Villain - We Think - in This Clip
Jackie Chan and Stanley Tong's Kung Fu Yoga opens internationally today. We have a small clip to share with you.
In this clip, set in a massive ice cave, two professors -- Jackie Chan and Disha Patani -- have discovered a long-lost treasure, only to be faced with a nasty fellow, played by Sonu Sood, who will only be happy if he takes their treasure and leaves the professors and their companions dead. If someone would just tell Chan who this guy is in the first place! 
Our own Peter Martin caught the film earlier this week and had this to say in his review.
Like Railroad Tigers, his recently-released period movie, Kung Fu Yoga does not represent Chan at the high point of his career. But both movies show that it's still possible for his talents to be presented in an enjoyable and broadly entertaining fashion, surrounded by other talented performers.
As a Chinese New Year's release, Kung Fu Yoga is a family-friendly reminder that Master Chan still has a trick or two up his sleeve.

Peter Martin contributed to this story.

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