Our Favorite Faces of Javier Bardem

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Our Favorite Faces of Javier Bardem
The fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film sailed into harbors all across the world last weekend, delivering its specific brand of witty banter, weak plot and supernatural big-budget shenanigans. Though reactions from critics worldwide range from lukewarm to seriously hostile, audiences have given the film high ratings. It's safe to say there'll be plenty of gold and rum for everyone associated with the franchise.

And this now includes the formidable Javier Bardiem, playing Captain Jack Sparrow's latest (or oldest?) enemy. It's another flashy role for the imposing Spanish actor, who can out-menace everyone if need be. At the same time he's able to play the gentlest characters as well, and even though he is instantly recognizable, his versatility is astonishing.

So he's our actor of the week. What is your favorite performance by him? Was he funny or scary (or both)? Chime in, in the comments below!

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