William Fichtner Anchors Voice Cast For Sundance Selected Animation BLACK HOLES

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It was just a little bit before Christmas that we brought news of Sundance selected animated short film Black Holes - the tale of an astronaut driven to a state of insecure paranoia by his co-pilot, who happens to be a sentient melon. The images we had at the time were fantastic but what we didn't have was any news of the voice cast, which is now freshly announced and pretty fantastic. Who do we have? William Fichtner as Youston, Conrad Vernon as Dave, Steve Little as The Melon, David Nicolas as Dr. Finger, and Lola Delon as Clara Finger. Fichtner and Little, in particular, strike me as inspired choices for this sort of project but that entire list is great! Check out the gallery below for shots of the voice actors and the characters they play.

William Fichtner as Youston

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