Behold The Wonders Of BLACK HOLES And Give Them Your Money To Make More Wonders!

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Behold The Wonders Of BLACK HOLES And Give Them Your Money To Make More Wonders!

We have been raving about David and Laurent Nicolas' animated short film Black Holes since before its world premiere as part of the Sundance Film Festival and now is the time to stop reading what we think about it and decide for yourself. Yep, the entire short film - all twelve deliriously odd minutes of it - is now online for your viewing pleasure!

Dave Nicholson is a distinguished astronaut entrusted with humanity’s most important leap into the future—the conquest of Mars and outer space.
On the eve of Mission Mars Premium, Dave discovers he’s being teamed up with a sentient melon who outshines him in intelligence and charm. Not only a brilliant strategist but also the reincarnation of a fashion designer, the melon encroaches more and more on Dave’s jurisdiction, driving him to the brink of paranoia and insanity.

Developed as a proof of concept for a proposed television series the creators have now also launched a crowd funding campaign to help get that series made. They've got the entire first season written already and every hundred grand raised will pay for a complete episode, which is pretty crazy cheap by animation standards. So check out the short below along with their official pitch video and then support the crowd funding campaign here to help bring the world further adventures of Dave and the Melon!

Black Holes from NOODLES on Vimeo.

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