First Official Still From Can Evrenol's HOUSEWIFE

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First Official Still From Can Evrenol's HOUSEWIFE
Since Baskin director Can Evrenol began production on Housewife, his follow up to his festival hit, I have been bugging him about giving ScreenAnarchy something to help get the word out. 
Between talking about freak Winter weather in our respective countries (Apparantly four straight days of snow in Istanbul is not a thing. It is especially inconvenient when it begins on the same day you begin filming your new film and you have not planned for snow.) Evrenol delivered this first official still from the production taken by Ece Celebioglu.
He says that the tagline for the pic is, "There's Only You and Your Dreams". 
The temptation from an production design point of view is to say that Evrenol's gone Gothic with his new film. Evrenol has been pretty mum on the details about Housewife since it was announced. There do exist descriptions of the film like the one below but Evrenol promises there is much more to his new film than just these. 
Housewife is centered on Holly whose mother murdered her sister and father when she was seven. 20 years later and slowly losing her grip on the difference between reality and nightmares, she runs into a celebrity psychic who claims that he is destined to help her. Screen Daily
Whatever kind of film Housewife turns out to be we can hardly wait. 
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