Pretty Packaging: DONNIE DARKO Gets A Black Box

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Fifteen years ago, Richard Kelly's Donnie Darko arrived in cinemas, and it was a blast. An unconventional story with strong science fiction elements, rooted in actual quantum physics, and trusting the audience to be happy to be bamboozled? That's pretty special. It also revived careers and introduced us to Jake Gyllenhaal, who has as of late blossomed into something of a blind-buy, based on his ridiculously great choices of roles over the past three years.

A cult title worthy of the title "cult title", it should come as no surprise that someone would at some point release a pretty spiffy edition on Blu-ray. Cue Arrow to do exactly that, with a box which included the film both in its theatrical version and its (in my opinion inferior) Director's Cut, and a slew of on-disc extras; commentaries, documentaries, interviews, the works!

But this article is about packaging, and that aspect has not been forgotten by Arrow. Following the tagline of "Darker, Darkest, Darko" which was used in many territories, Arrow has given Donnie Darko a black box of presents. Here is a gallery of shots. Click on the edge of the pictures to scroll through them, or at the center of each to see a bigger version!

Here it is: a big black box.

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