Last Minute Gift Guide: Mondo Soundtracks, Middle of Beyond, Kino Blu-rays

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Welcome to the last minute gift guide from yours truly. These are all things I'm really excited about. Mondo sent some records, Kino sent some great movies and Middle of Beyond sent a nifty Bigfoot sweater that I have a sentimental geek attachment too.

This is stuff I think you'll be glad you nabbed for under the tree. I haven't published a ton at the site this year but I'm more grateful than ever to be part of such a helpful corner of the internets. Happy shopping, happy holidays!

Up until now I’ve avoided getting into the explosion of interest in vinyl. Maybe you know someone like that as well. They like music, especially film soundtracks but they just haven’t seen the point of the new old media trend. i won’t get into a debate about vinyl sounding better when played on a decent sound system (it does).

I will say I’ve been resold on the old format of my youth when it comes to certain specialty releases thanks to the good folks at Mondo. When they offered to send some of their soundtracks this way I thought I might hang on to them as curiosities. Now I know I’ll be listening to them all the time and using them to front movie screenings I host in my home.

Mondo was kind enough to let me pick 5 double LPs and when they came in the mail my jaw dropped. These things are gorgeous and incredibly well packaged featuring dynamic gatefold artwork, and specially colored 180 gram vinyl.The sound quality is so warm and inviting it immediately makes you want to upgrade your sound system.

But I wanted to draw special attention to their release of Gremlins, which offers the complete expanded score of the film on vinyl for the first time. Curiously there are no liner notes beyond the list of players etc.

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