SMALL TOWN KILLERS: Watch A Clip From Bornedal's Latest

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SMALL TOWN KILLERS: Watch A Clip From Bornedal's Latest

Denamrk's Ole Bornedal is a long time favorite in these parts, a maverick of worts who was crafting dark genre films in his homeland long before the whole Nordic Noir movement made it somehow okay to be a Dane who loved genre films.

After a stint away from features and into TV land - where he helmed the most expensive Danish TV production ever - Bornedal is back in the film world now with dark crime comedy Small Town Killers with Ulrich Thomsen and Nicolas Bro in the lead.

Ib and Edward are tired of their lifeless marriages and dream of living the good life using the stash of money they have earned moonlighting for years. After a huge fight with their wives the two men get drunk and hire a Russian contract killer to do a hit on their spouses. But they have badly underestimated their wives, and this becomes the start of an absurd journey where Ib and Edward to their own horror end at the top of a kill list.

With the film now edging closer to a local release a first clip has arrived online and while there are no subtitles - making things difficult for non-Danish speakers - the tenor of it comes through loud and clear and this looks like very fun stuff. Check it out below.

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