The Many Faces Of Timothy Spall

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This week sees the limited premiere of Mick Jackson's true-life courtroom drama Denial, in which Rachel Weisz plays Deborah Lipstadt, an American professor who had to defend herself in court by proving that the genocide against the Jews in World War II actually happened. Her opponent was the holocaust-denier David Irving, and he is played in the film by Timothy Spall.

Due to his very unique face and appearance, Timothy Spall is one of those actors who is instantly recognizable. What is very impressive is that at the same time, he can disappear completely into a role. And it's amazing what he can do with the tiniest of nuances, the gleam in an eye, a look, a fidget. He is one of the finest conveyors of emotion in the world, able to generate love and hate at will.

So once again I'm going to use eleven close-ups of one of my favourite thespians to make a quiz. Click through the images and guess which movies or shows they're from. No competition, no prizes, just for fun. Try to see how far you get without using IMDb!

And I'll post the answers next Thursday (or earlier if someone gets all eleven of them right).

And here he is, as the anti-semite racist holocaust denier David Irving. Also, he's... well, looking a lot thinner than I normally remember him.

This picture isn't part of the quiz yet, but the others are. Browse through them all, and see how many you recognize!

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