Have Your Say: What Favorite Classic Film Would You Like To See In 3D?

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Have Your Say: What Favorite Classic Film Would You Like To See In 3D?
If I've ever put a more blasphemous title above one of these "Have Your Say" articles, I sure cannot remember it. The colouring-in of old black and white movies already makes my skin itch, so adding fake 3D effects in post sure doesn't sound like an appetizing idea.

Still, when 3D is done well, it can be a magnificent addition to the cinema experience, same as sound and colour. James Cameron designed the whole universe of his Avatar to be a good fit to the strong points of the technology, and discovering the film in a 3D IMAX is still one of my fondest memories of the last decade.

So instead of interpreting the question as "Which classic title would you want to see re-issued and abused as a cash-grab", I'd like everyone to approach it more as "I remember this thing I saw as a kid and I always thought it would look awesome in 3D". Any classic that comes to mind, or just a cool moment? Something from the thirties, or eighties perhaps? An intimate indie, a nature documentary, a thriller?
Chime in, in the comments below, and HAVE YOUR SAY!

Oh, and that screenshot above? That is from Ali Billiman Jr.'s 1969 film The Stewardesses, allegedly the most profitable 3D-film ever made before Avatar took that crown.
(This also means I've sorta-kinda made a porn-movie joke already, so you won't have to, heh...)

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