Fantastic Fest 2016: TERRY TEO Celebrates Fest Inclusion With a New Poster

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Fantastic Fest 2016: TERRY TEO Celebrates Fest Inclusion With a New Poster
The Second Wave for Fantastic Fest dropped this afternoon and already the members of ScreenAnarchy going to this year's festival are feverishly updating and prioritizing their wish lists for that week. 
From the comfort I my own home I am celebrating the inclusion of the New Zealand children's television series Terry Teo with it's director Gerard Johnstone from the other side of the Te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa. We both would like to think that it was my article about the show that prompted its addition to this year's programming. Heck, the locals did not know about the show until a couple weeks prior to its release last month in New Zealand, so this has to be true. 
To celebrate Johnstone, director of the hit comedy horror Housebound if you need reminding, has passed along this awesome new poster, created specifically for Fantastic Fest, to share with you readers. 
In related news, there was a lot of hubbub about the show being relegated to online only release on TVNZ's ondemand platform. Thanks to critical acclaim and public support the network announced that they will air the show in an appropriate time slot for children to watch as well, as was intended by the production when the ball started rolling back in 2013.
So good news all around for everyone. Mini Kiwis will soon be able to sit down with their parents on Sunday nights and watch Terry Teo together, and attendees at this year's Fantastic Fest will watch the series as well, simply replacing 'children' with 'buckets of beer' and 'Guiness shakes'. 
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