Fantasia 2016: VENTABLVCK Concept Short Emerges

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Fantasia 2016: VENTABLVCK Concept Short Emerges

When we last spoke with Canadian director Gariel Carrer (The Demolisher), he was about to unleash some violent Ventablvck conceptual footage at the Frontieres Market at the Fantasia Film Festival. That footage made its way online today and I'm not surprised to see it's as stylistically aggressive as the subject matter.

The neon glow paired with underground fighting rings can't help but remind us of Only God Forgives, but I think Carrer's film will be another thing entirely. The cinematography by Scott McIntyre is firing on all cylinders. 

Synopsis: On the outskirts of a city, violence explodes in an underground fight club where opponents are blind folded. Liam, a lonely and mysterious young man who suppresses violent tendencies, keeps active by working as a pizza delivery driver for Ziad, an optimistic Syrian refugee who operates a small independent pizza joint in a rough part of the city.

The short stars Breanne teBoekhorst, Thomas Lorber,  Vincent Nam Khai, Gerrit Sepers, and was produced by Gabriel Carrer, Scott McIntyre, Christian Burgess, John Ainslie and Angus Mclellan.

(Source: Bloody Disgusting.)

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