Joachim Trier's Next Is Supernatural Thriller THELMA

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Joachim Trier's Next Is Supernatural Thriller THELMA

After making his English language debut with recent festival hit Louder Than Bombs, Norwegian arthouse darling Joachim Trier (Reprise, Oslo August 31st) returns to his native tongue for his next effort but is also pushing into new territory.

Trier's fourth feature, Thelma, is being pitched as a supernatural thriller revolving around a young woman's discovery of her own frightening powers. Given that this is Trier we're talking about I wouldn't expect things to go into Carrie territory here, but they are definitely looking to create a more accessible and visually oriented film than he has in the past while maintaining his character focus. Which could be pretty damn fantastic, frankly.

Thelma has just received production support from the Norwegian Film Institute and is scheduled for a September shoot.

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