Exclusive Clip: RIVER - "Are You Here to Turn Yourself In?"

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Exclusive Clip: RIVER - "Are You Here to Turn Yourself In?"

It's a prickly feeling at the bottom of your stomach. 

While volunteering as a doctor In Laos, John (Rossif Sutherland) has witnessed something terrible. As soon as he can, he comes to the U.S. Embassy for help. But, as our exclusive clip from River suggests, help is not forthcoming and the tension will only thicken. 

The official synopsis gets right to the point: 

In the south of Laos, an American volunteer doctor becomes a fugitive after he intervenes in the sexual assault of a young woman. When the assailant's body is pulled from the Mekong River, things quickly spiral out of control.

Jamie M. Dagg wrote and directed. You can watch our exclusive clip below, and below that the offical trailer. River will open in select theaters and On Demand on Friday, June 24.


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