THE HEXECUTIONERS Coming To The UK Later This Month

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THE HEXECUTIONERS Coming To The UK Later This Month

Studio Canal is releasing Jesse Thomas Cook's rural horror film The Hexecutioners in the UK later this month. Given the island nation’s running history with rural horror flick we believe this is right up the UK’s alley. We would like to share the official trailer and a selection of stills from the film to whet your appetite.

Sanctioned euthanasia is a full blown industry and Malison is just starting to get her feet wet at her new job. After a rough start she is paired up with seasoned veteran Olivia and together they head out to the remote estate of Milos Somborac. Somborac is on his deathbed and wishes to shuffle his mortal coil a very specific if not peculiar way.

From my own review when the film played at Toronto After Dark last Fall…

Jessie Thomas Cook's love letter to the rural horror genre drips and oozes with so much atmosphere that it could sustain a whole planet. The setting of the old house is beautiful and eerie. The interiors are awash by candlelight most of the time. He changes it up during the ritual by washing out all colors except for shades of red, which will be obvious when you watch the film.

The Hexecutioners displays a departure from Cook's prior films and one that plays against the expectations that one may have about Burgess' screenplays. What we get is a matured and controlled film from the Canadian filmmaker who made his mark with gritty films like the body slamming Monster Brawl and the vomitus Septic Man. Do not be dismayed, Cook does play around with the gore.

Starring Liv Collins, Sarah Power, Tim Burd, Barry Flatman, Walter Borden, Boyd Banks and Ari Millen The Hexecutioners was written by Canadian author Tony Burgess (Pontypool, Septic Man and Hellmouth)

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