Nagai Go's Android Hero Returns In CUTIE HONEY: TEARS

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Nagai Go's Android Hero Returns In CUTIE HONEY: TEARS

Last on the big screen with Neon Genesis Evangelion director Anno Hideaki's live action adaptation in 2004, Nagai Go's hugely popular manga hero Cutie Honey returns with a new adaptation from director Asai Takeshi titled Cutie Honey: Tears.

The story of a female android imbued with genuine emotion who fights to protect humanity - and looks fabulous while doing it - Cutie Honey is one of the key titles from Nagai, a hugely influential manga artist also responsible for Devilman and Mazinger Z, the later of which is generally considered to have created the Super Robot sub genre of manga and anime.

While this version of the story does not appear to have the same resources behind it as the Anno version Asai has a definitely visual style to him and it's not hard to see why a first time feature director would be handed such an influential property. Check it out below.

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